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Consider Heat Pumps for your Thames Home

Are you looking to replace an old or outdated heat and air system in your home? Does your “cool” setting feel warmer than usual? How warm is your heat? If these questions strike a chord, consider using heat pumps for your Thames residence.

Heat pumps have the perk of being able to both heat and cool using the same unit. Another way they provide cost savings is by only moving heat energy rather than creating energy, keeping your home operations expenses low. They don’t carry the risk of carbon monoxide leaks and don’t require an extensive ventilation system. These units perform optimally in mid-temperature ranges and provide year-round comfort.

Comfort Group has been in the heating and cooling business since 1996. We encourage everyone who is considering replacing, upgrading, or repairing their existing system to speak with knowledgeable professionals before spending any money. These systems are complex and there are numerous factors to consider, such as home size and layout, location, potential germs and allergens, and even noise level. It is important to understand your options and all the incidental factors when considering any change with your home heating and cooling system.

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