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Specialist Services

Specialist Temperature Control Services

At Comfort Group, we have an excellent reputation in the refrigeration and HVAC industries for our ability to develop innovative and unique solutions for the needs of our clients. This is where our specialist services come in.

If you need a refrigeration solution that doesn’t fall neatly into the standard services we offer, you can still contact us. This is because we have extensive experience providing one-off temperature control solutions.

Our services include designing the solution, sourcing the equipment and materials we need, and then completing the conversion/installation work. We also provide extensive aftersales support and maintenance services.

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Case Studies

We can highlight two projects that required out-of-the-box thinking and a completely unique solution. The first was the conversion of a van to transport human blood products from blood donation centres to hospitals.

The other example was a van converted for the transportation of livestock

In both applications, the internal temperature of the storage area in the van had to remain consistently within a pre-set range. Various situations had to be considered in the process such as accidents, breakdowns, and extreme weather conditions

There were also specific requirements such as GPS tracking in the blood van and extraction in the livestock van. The livestock van also needed to be waterproofed so the storage area could be cleaned with a high-pressure washer.

Our team developed and installed a solution for both projects that were effective and that delivered on the full range of requirements requested by our clients.

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