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Need a Heat Pump in Cambridge?

Heat and air conditioning are two essential items for home comfort. Depending on the age of your home unit, you may be taking a gamble every season. You can’t afford to be caught off guard without heating or cooling capabilities. Have you considered a heat pump for your home in Cambridge?

Despite the name, heat pumps are highly efficient at both heating and cooling. They work by moving hot air from one place to another depending on the season. In cold seasons, they transfer heat from outside to inside your home. Even in cold temperatures, there is still enough heat energy present in the air to heat the inside of your home. In warmer temperatures, these transportation devices move heat energy from inside to outside your home.

Because the heat pump only moves heat that already exists and does not have to generate new energy, they are highly efficient units, boasting a low running cost that saves you money. Even if you are replacing an older-model heat pump, you will see cost savings just from the improved efficiency.

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