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Need Refrigerated Transport in Hamilton? Comfort Group Can Provide a Truck Refrigeration System

When most people think about refrigeration, they think of their fridge or freezer at home or a walk-in cooler at a restaurant. If they think about refrigerated transport in Hamilton, they may think about a large truck hauling produce or frozen goods from store to store. Comfort Group understands refrigeration goes beyond that and we know the benefits of a truck refrigeration system for your business.

Benefits of Refrigerated Transport in Hamilton

A truck refrigeration system is vital for food service businesses such as caterers, meat and seafood vendors, home delivery services, and more. We can install refrigeration capabilities into your van or truck to keep your food safely cool or frozen while it’s in transit. Food services aren’t the only businesses that can benefit from refrigerated transport. For example, florists can keep their wares fresh and vibrant during deliveries no matter what the temperature is outside.

Having transport refrigeration in Hamilton can help your business grow in a variety of ways. It guarantees you deliver your product in peak condition by controlling its environment from the time it leaves your home base to the time it is delivered. Your customers will appreciate your customer service and continue to use your business and recommend your services to a friend.

Refrigerated transport allows you to cover a larger service area because your goods can handle a longer time in your truck or van without spoiling. Without a truck refrigeration system, you have a smaller area of customers you can serve because your product could be damaged by the time you arrive. The range of your business shouldn’t depend on the length of time your product can withstand no refrigeration.

Your animal and livestock transportation can be refrigerated to keep them safe and cool as well. We can discuss the type of business you run, the kind of vehicle you have, and how our cooling solutions can help grow your business. We will design and install refrigeration suited to your unique needs.

Air Conditioning in Heavy Equipment Prevents Heat Stress

We not only create refrigerated transport for your goods but we can provide heavy equipment with air conditioning to keep workers safe and healthy. Earthmoving employees work in extreme conditions including high heat environments. Our air conditioning services keep employees safe by preventing heat-related illnesses.

Heat stress and heat-related illnesses occur when the body can’t use its natural cooling systems efficiently, and the core body temperature rises. The first signs of heat stress include excessive sweating, thirst, and headaches. If the body doesn’t cool down, dizziness and confusion can make working with heavy equipment dangerous, and continued exposure can cause seizures, unconsciousness and even death.

We can equip your heavy machinery with air conditioning to keep your employees safe by keeping their environment cool. If your heavy equipment needs air conditioning services or you have a van or truck you would like to use as refrigerated transport in Hamilton, contact Comfort Group.

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